What to Look for in Web Hosting Reseller Plans?

September 28th, 2014

The web hosting reseller plans come with a lot of advantages. A web hosting company is guiding force for another company to set up a web hosting business at favorable terms and with good amount of profit guarantees. This is in the wake of a new trend that this business seems to be a lucrative source of income as there are many companies desiring to increase their visibility in the online world.

The resellers guide

  • There are many reselling packages available with many web hosting companies. It is primarily necessary to review the company and also its packages. Preferably choose good brand and reputable companies.
  • The reseller package must be good in terms of server uptime guarantee, support levels and also accompany with lots of discounts.


  • The free domain names and IP Addresses provided initially for rebranding the reseller services with full free set up formalities at the door step which is installed in a few minutes.
  • The control panel is the most important feature and hence must be convenient to use. This is the tool which will allow in managing the bandwidth and the disk space of the end users by the reselling agent.
  • An easy billing application is also a must too. This helps in easing the time consuming billing procedure of a network of customers. Some good web hosting companies also ideally have large network coverage; hence the resellers can confidently offer the reliable hosting services to their end customers without any downtime issue.
  • The full time live chat services for any technical glitches and free reinstallment or replacement of hardware, etc are a must feature of a good package.
  • The good web hosting companies also have affiliated sites which offer coupons and huge discounts for such reseller packages they offer.

Starting a business is matter of few minutes

Preferably set up a total green business in a few minutes where there are no harmful emissions only wind energy used to power the servers. Be it the top end dedicated servers for a higher traffic business or Virtual private servers or only shared servers, with top class websites having auto responders, mailing services with simple mail transfer protocols and lists and many other good features like shopping carts for the retail oriented businesses, the control of the business should totally be in the hands of the reseller. This business is flourishing as the resellers are guaranteed these services by the web hosting companies for any kind of websites including blogs, forums, or even joomla software with various website templates as they have heavy expertise in these types of services. They also provided secured websites.

Hence the web hosting reseller packages are especially useful for web marketing companies to build an edge over their competitors by these sophisticated add on services at cheap rates. Such a hassle free business managed by a web hosting is definitely on the top agenda of many people’s mind where they become the owners of unlimited accounts and control panels and many more at very low rates.

What Are The Top Web Hosting Services?

June 2nd, 2014

Web hosting is gaining popularity these days. And, most of the providers of top web hosting services offer a combination of services. In simple words, when you make website you want it get uploaded, this can be done by web hosting services. Many Web hosting providers deliver services at cheap rates; however this doesn’t guarantee success all the time. The best hosting company provide many services like free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, excellent server uptime, customer support and unlimited disc space. Always choose the best web hosting service that suits your requirement and also your budget.

Services to expect from Top Providers


Many companies offer unlimited email accounts, unlimited database and also money back guarantee. Some hosting companies provide very affordable and assortment of plans with different disc space and bandwidth. A real quality customer support, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week is the sign of good hosting services. If you find yourself in unhappy situation with the services, some companies do provide file transfer protocol solutions to transfer your site to a better plan. Always look for reliable and affordable web hosting companies in the world which also has reseller packages for new future business opportunities

Qualities of top class web hosting

Provision of a large bandwidth or disk space and lot many domain names are possible with top class website hosting companies. Promotional discounts and packages with best value for money aiding future success possibilities in the web marketing is the key feature of a good web hosting service. Customer orientation is the passion of an experienced and successful web hosting company. The server responsiveness excellence makes the website a dominant one in the online world. 99.99% server uptime is the mantra of excellent companies. Web hosting is incomplete without tools and services provided by web host like cPanel, Word press, FTP access, SSH, htaccess and variety of other back end tools are available with host that best manage your needs. Hence, there is no compromise for quality or service and the customers get complete peace of mind when their website is in the hands of proper web hosting companies. The competitors also get a pinch when they see your website growing in fame and profitability due to a good host backing you.

Why choose top companies?

Lot of people ignore the importance of availing web hosting services from the top providers. Imagine when any client is accessing your website and it is very slow and time consuming, believe me you are screwed up. Do consider in spending little more time in selecting web hosting provider, it will definitely take care of very small aspects of your website. Most business makes use of website and blogs to reach more and more customers. When you choose the right web hosts, many customers will able to view your content without any problems related to speed and connection. Though there are lot of web hosting companies out there in the world, but it is important to select a top web hosting service provider as your business is depend on it. You just have to do proper research and choose the company that interest you.

Web Page Hosting: Free Isn’t Always Better

April 16th, 2014

Do you think there is a free run everywhere? Then you are wrong. With the free shared server advantage available online for web hosting, a lot of people think that is the best alternative rather than shelling out money for the same services. However, it is not always the right choice as it has a number of loopholes and also less scope for customization

Freedom hindered in free web hosting

The web page hosting free may be a good idea superficially for a business, especially a smaller one just vying to make a mark and visibility in the web world, however, there are many limitations he might have to face.

    • Firstly there are no control panels on free web hosting, which is in fact the most important feature for customization. Only if you are very lucky will you find one. No control panels means you become a victim as there is no way you can manage your site on your own that is add anything other than already installed initially. This means the template, images, content will remain unchanged and also there is no scope for updating your site on a regular basis. This has a severe impact in your marketing endeavors as the potential customers may solicit the website to be redundant over a period of time.

  • There is no liberty even to post the advertisements of your choice. Your website can be overstuffed with many advertisements in different corners which delivers a less convincing image to the end customers. In case the advertisement is any of your competitors, you can be severely handicapped.
  • Customers always are attracted to something new, something fresh and not an out of the mill website and this innovation is missing with free templates of a free web hosting company.
  • Customer support is the most important facet ideally important for a web hosting company. The paid ones go to the extent of giving toll free numbers, live chat and also email services, however since the free web hosting services are called for, they may not be much interested in deep customer service. Hence, there is no concern with the urgency of requirement of fixing technical malfunctions and also no uptime guarantees with regards to the servers. Most of these also do not offer high end servers like dedicated and virtual private servers too.

Fear of close down

Shutting off a not working business is imaginable, but a fully active business can one day suddenly go off the web world in case the free web hosts removes it without any prior notice. This can be a costly affair as your marketing efforts can also take a sharp downturn and give a big jerk to your business identity. Also, the security of the business and upgrading is a big question mark when it comes to web page hosting for free. The quality of services provided in paid web hosting companies is exceptional and definitely not comparable with the free services which suggest that these are not a cheap and best option.

Be Smart and Use a Shared Web Hosting Coupon

February 18th, 2014

There is no dearth of web hosting services for a businessman desiring to launch a fully fledged website in line with his business needs and up keeping it with minimum server downtime and updating the website on a regular basis. The businesses always look at the cost factor and hence, Hostgator, which is one of the leading web hosting companies understand this and accordingly offer hostgator coupon as a discount service for higher benefit. Using such coupons reflects a smart move on the part of the business.

Opt for best discounted packages

Though there are numerous web hosting companies available, yet a lot of people choose Hostgator as their web hosting provider because they are not only cheap but also effective and some of their packages also have add on services, where the marketing ordeals are also met to a large extent. When the traffic in the site increases, one cannot still rely on a shared server package without feeling the need to move on to a dedicated or a virtual private server.


Whatever your need be, small or big, shared web hosting packages by Hostgator offer unlimited bandwidth, SSL certifications, MySQL databases and many more services; besides there are numerous email accounts which can be created with hosting companies. The options for monthly payments or yearly payments by hostgator enable a lot of business convenience to the customers. The long term package discounts in shared web hosting helps in reducing cost and also enables in getting unlimited support from them with regards to the web hosting. Experts from Hostgator also guide customers in the transfer from one package to another with much ease. And, technical job served by technical experts at Hostgator is really good, who will also aid in making the websites supported by Joomla software and the like.

Be on the lookout for coupons

The hostgator shared hosting coupons are available with many affiliate sites of these web hosting companies where there are dozens of offers on various packages with discounts ranging from 30-50% too and some of them offer services at 1 penny in the first month and also money back guarantees in a matter of 45 days. This gives ample satisfaction to the customers as there is no compromise in the service levels and the customers can continue or even upgrade to high end servers depending on the increase in traffic levels or the need for customization and personalization of the site.

Most commonly used package

Shared hosting is used in the early stages of the business and also since it is just the initial stages the amount of burden with regards to the use of capital is equally pinching and hence a lot of offers are given for these packages. The hostgator coupon for shared web hosting plans are easy to use once they are in the validity period, one just need to fill in the code in the field mentioned in the site which has automated verification system. So, be smart and save hundreds of dollars and also improve business prospects with the best web hosting services.


Are Cheap Web Hosts A Gamble?

December 12th, 2013

Hosting is the most important link between your website and the internet. Without web hosting your website cannot reach to the global market. Finding a right web hosting provider is the most difficult task in today’s competitive world as dozens of companies offering web hosting services and only few among them is worth your attention. Some companies do provide you with cheap web hosts rates but may result in system break down or slower response time. In today’s world nothing is cheap and the one is cheap has no guarantee. Some web hosting rates are much higher, but it assures you more traffic to your website and more business in return.

The truth to know


There are ample numbers of cheap web hosting providers but to be noted, they generate very less traffic. Cheap web hosting means cheap web hosting services. Do you really want to save your money by spending on cheap services? Any business primary agenda is to attract customers to website by easy loading, proper information and give them what they want. You can do this only with proper, reliable and cost effective web hosting company.

The most relevant web host

The most reliable hosting companies will provide you with dedicated customer services and technical services able to solve your issues day and night. For any business, irrespective of being a beginner or an experienced, getting business online is not easy. Before you decide on selecting any web hosting company, you must do proper research. Your hard earned money should not be wasted. Customer reviews, ratings and opinions will give you a brief idea about services and company. Little efforts and proper data gathering will help you to select the web hosting as per your requirement. Many companies do offers a discount or promo on a specific hosting plan. Before selecting any company do thorough check of package offered by hosting services. A good web host will provide you the tools, storage, customer support and bandwidth.

Do adequate homework, avoid traps

The question that comes to your mind will choosing a web hosting company is indeed to go for cheaper ones or a costly ones. However it very normal to get attracted to offer provided by low cost web hosts and get confused, that is offers really a good deal or just a gamble to attract. Before choosing your web hosting company you should consider factors like budget, space, bandwidth, customer support, budget, storage, easy to use control panel, 99% up time, and terms and condition. Do not pay for space that you are not going to use. Excellent 24*7 service is top priority for website. Different web host are right for different customers as per their requirement. Look for company’s speciality of interest before you buy. The most important is technical support, when any site goes down it is business which is affected you should choose web hosting company where you can call and get your problem solved immediately. Read customers reviews and opinion to know what their customers have to say about them. Do not blindly choose a web hosting company. Consider all the factors for better business prospects.